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Congratulation to our Rage Raffle Winners!

$1,500 Winner

Richard Riojas
Sold by Max on U8 Baseball

$250 Winners

Phil Wheelehan
Sold by Ryker on U11 Baseball

Lian Collins
Sold by Vinnie on U12 Baseball

Barb Bielmeier
Sold by Alexis on U14 Fastpitch

$125 Winners

Mike Phillips
Sold by Conner on U10 Baseball

Lori Jansen
Sold by Noah on U13 Navy Baseball

We will be reaching out to all winners and Congratulations!

Items Purchased Through RYBSA & RAGE Fundraisers

4 new pitching machines
L Screens
Pitching Mats
Ball Caddies
New equipment
Catchers Gear
Home Plates
Pitching Rubbers
and more

Our Fundraisers are also helping to keep Rage Fees the same while all of the other costs are going up!